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Email snippets are bits of HTML that you create and can then insert into emails with one click. For example, you could make a snippet for a call to action button in your preferred colors and styles, or for a two-column email layout you'd like to use for your newsletters. Once the snippet is created, you can quickly insert that code into your email when you're writing it with one click.

To manage your snippets and add a new one, go to the "Snippets" section in the "Start Organizing" menu. Choose the group you want to manage snippets for, and then you'll see a list of snippets for your group, if any. 

To create a new snippet, click the "Add New Snippet". On the new snippet page, give your snippet a name so you and fellow admins can identify it later, and type in your snippet HTML. You can use personalization clips in snippets, a list of which is at the bottom of the page for easy copying and pasting. When you're done, click save.

You can edit snippets, delete them, and duplicate them from the snippets manage page where you see a list of your snippets. If you're in a network, you can also syndicate snippets to child groups (and unsyndicate them if you'd like). Child groups will be able to use your snippets but won't be able to edit them.

To use snippets, when you're writing an email (or an autoresponder, or an email that's part of a ladder), click the "Snippets" button in the visual editor toolbar to bring up a list of snippets associated with the group that's targeted by your email. Click one of the snippets to insert the snippet's HTML code where your cursor is in your email text, just like you insert personalization clips in the clips window.

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