Action Network Help & FAQs

Inviting organizers and administrators to join your group

As an administrator, you can invite others to join your group instead of having them apply for access. From the "Invitations" tab, enter the email address of a person you'd like to invite to join your group in the invites section.

If that user does not have an Action Network account, they will be sent an emailing from you notifying them that they are invited to join your group with a link to click to set up their account and accept your invitation. Once they have completed this process they will be added as an organizer in your group and you will receive an email letting you know this person is all set up.

You can use the "Pending Invites" section below to resend the invitation email to any user that may have missed the message we sent them notifying them how to set up their account and accept their invitation, and you can cancel their invitation before they have accepted it if you choose. Pending invites expire automatically after 30 days.

If the user you invite does have an Action Network account, they will be immediately added as an organizer and they will receive an email notifying them about that addition.

Either way, whether they have an account yet or not, you will be able to to upgrade them to administrator and set their permissions immediately if you choose. 

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