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Keeping in touch with event hosts and attendees

When you publish your event campaign and activists start hosting and RSVPing to events, we create two actions in your email targeting create page's action list to assist you with targeting emails to people who are hosting events for your event campaign or people who are attending.

Under the actions select section of the target create page when writing a mass email, you will notice that your event campaign has two entries, one for hosts and one for attendees. In this way, you can easily target email to include or exclude just hosts, just attendees, or both. You can use the clips section to email out information about the event each activist RSVPed for, similar to how you can use clips to show the event nearest to each activist as explained in the section here.

In addition, on your event campaign's manage page in the "Manage Events" tab, you can use the buttons labeled "Email All Hosts" or "Email All Attendees" to set up an email using those targets.

You can use our built-in email clips to output information and a link to the event that the activist has RSVPed to as well. In the clips window when writing your email there are clips for various pieces event information, including a full details block (title, location, date, time, link to the thank you page and discussion board) and each component separately. Using these clips you remind your activists about events they've signed up for and point them to the discussion board, no extra clicks required!

Note that to use these clips you have to fill in the event campaign's ZIP/postal code search URL in the code that is created, so the clips know which event campaign to use to find which event the user RSVPed for. You only have to do this once, but that tag must come before you start using these clips. In fact, we will only process the first copy of this setting, so subsequent URLs you enter will be ignored.

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