Action Network Help & FAQs

Creating and writing a mass email

Choose "Create Email" from the "Start Organizing" menu to start creating and writing your email.

The first create page is where you write your email.

Fill in the email's subject. You can enter more than one subject if you'd like to set up an automatic subject line test. If you enter more than one subject, we will randomly distribute each subject you enter among your email's targeted universe, and allow you to track the statistics of each subject individually to see which one performs best.

To set up a subject test, use the alternate subject field for a second subject, and click the green plus icon to add as many additional alternate subjects as you want.

Note: Don't make your subject too long, both because long subjects tend to perform worse, and also because subjects over the byte limit will be truncated and will break open and click statistic reporting. Less than 200 characters should be your goal.

Next, enter who the email is from. If you are not a partner, we append "via" to your from line, so "Jane Smith" becomes "Jane Smith via" If you are a partner, you can set your own append using an email wrapper.

Then, set where replies should go if activists hit the reply button to your email. An email address is required for the reply-to field. We recommend you set up a new email address to receive replies, and that you check it regularly so you can respond to your activists.

Note: You should use an email address from a domain you control for the reply-to field, not or or something similar, but rather If you use one of these common domains for your reply-to email address, we will replace it with in the from line of your email to ensure your emails are delivered to your activists. The reply-to email will still be the email you enter, so when activists hit reply the replies will still go to you.

Next, you can optionally add preview text, the text that some email readers like Gmail show before an activist opens the email. This text will not display in your email when it is opened.

Finally, write your email in the larger tex box below. You can use the visual editor to write Microsoft Word-style, with buttons to make text bold, add links, insert images, and the like, or you can click the "HTML" button to write in HTML code instead.

CSS style tags will be automatically inlined. See here for more details.

Our files system can be used for storing images or other files for use in email. After you upload a file, you'll be able to get a link that you can use here. You can also upload images through the visual editor.

The email wrapper we offer is very basic, to make your writing stand out. We add a small footer explaining why the activist is receiving this email and adding an unsubscribe link where they can unsubscribe from your list if they choose. All of this is done in the activist's preferred language.

Enter an email address and click "Save & Send Test Email" in the bottom toolbar to send a test to the address you enter.

When you're ready, click "Save and Target Your Email" to move on to the next step.

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