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Monitoring email response and statistics

All of the email stats you need to measure the response to your email are available on you email's manage page. Overall statistics are tracked in the "Statistics" tab. Clicks on individual links in your email are tracked in the "Clicks" tab. And if you've set up a subject line test, overall statistics for each subject line are tracked in the "Test Results" tab.

Note: If your subject or from line is over the byte limit, it will break open and click statistic reporting. Less than 200 characters should be your goal for subject and from lines to avoid this.

In the "Statistics" tab, we track total sent, number of unique opens, and unique open rate (total unique opens divided by total sent, as a percentage). We track total unique clicks, click rate (total unique clicks divided by total sent, as a percentage), and clicks/open ratio (total unique clicks divided by total unique opens, as a percentage). We track action rates if you link to an Action Network page, including total actions, action rate (total actions divided by total sent, as a percentage), and actions/click ratio (total actions divided by total unique clicks, as a percentage). Finally, we track unsubscribes, including total unique unsubscribes, unsubscribe rate (total unique unsubscribes divided by total sent, as a percentage), unsubscribes/open ratio (total unique unsubscribes divided by total unique opens, as a percentage), total unique bounces and bounce rate, and total unique spam complaints, and spam complaint rate (total unique spam complaints divided by total sent, as a percentage).

Note: Make sure to test your clips thoroughly. Emails with broken clips will fail to send.

The ratio numbers are particularly useful, as they give you an opportunity to get a handle on how your email is performing quickly, especially in relation to another email in an email test. While your open, click, and action rates will increase over time as more activists engage with your email (starting at 0%, then 1%, then 2%), the ratios should stay roughly the same (20% clicks/open, even though total clicks and total opens are both increasing). So you can make a judgement about how well an email is doing quickly, as those ratios should stay similar over time once they reach a point of stability.

Note: Bouncing and spam complaint email addresses are also automatically unsubscribed from your list.

We also track clicks on each individual link in your email in the "Clicks" tab. There you'll see a list of all the links in your email (including links in your email wrappers), arranged in the order they appear in your email's HTML. We track both the unique number of clicks (so, if an activist clicks twice on that specific link, they will only show up as one in the unique clicks column) as well as the raw number of clicks (where they will show up twice).

If you've set up a subject or from test, you'll see a "Test Results" tab listing each subject and from line combination and the statistics for it. You can choose your winning subject and from line by clicking the "Duplicate" button next to the one you want, setting up an email with only that subject and from line. Don't forget to exclude your test email when you send the winning version, to ensure nobody receives an email twice!

Or you can use the "Duplicate With Exclude" button, which will duplicate the email with only the subject and from line you picked, exclude the first email from the duplicate, and remove the random limit, getting you ready to send the winner without having to worry about targeting!

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