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Viewing and editing an activist's record

You can view an activist's record by going to the Start Organizing menu and clicking "Activists." Select your group or personal list from the drop down menu and search for an activist. Click the "View/Edit Record" button next to each activist in search results.

You can edit an activist's information by clicking the "Edit" button in the left sidebar when viewing an activist's record. On the edit page you'll be able to edit most of their personal information (except for email address), custom fields, and tags, and add new source codes. Click "Save Activist" to save your changes. Scroll down for more information on editing the activists.

On the activist's page you'll see all of the information you have about that activist, including:

  • Basic Information: The activist's name, email, avatar, address (if you are an Action Network partner), city, state, ZIP/postal code, country, county, preferred language, and legislative districts.
  • Subscription Status: Whether they are subscribed currently to your list or not, or have a bouncing or spam complaint email (indicated by a yellow "X"), plus the status for any child group lists if this group is part of a Network. Hover over the icon to find out the subscription status, subscription detail such as the bounce message, and when it was last updated.
  • Email History: The name and date of each email the activist has received, plus whether they opened or clicked it.
  • Action History: The name and date of each action the activist took, including actions from child groups if this group is part of a Network. Simple actions such as petition signatures, event RSVPs, form submissions, and letters sent can be deleted via the delete button next to the action. While useful to cancel an RSVP, for example, this cannot be undone, so be careful deleting action history.
  • Donation History: The activist's highest previous contribution, total contribution amount, and the name and date and contribution details of each donation made by the activist, including donations from child groups if this group is part of a Network. If you are collecting recurring donations, each time the donation recurs a new donation will be created in this list. If you have the contributions permission on the group, you will also be able to refund donations or convert one-time donations to recurring donations here.
  • Recurring Donations: The activist's list of recurring donations, including what page the recurring donation was made on, the amount, period, start date, last charge date, and status, and if you have the contributions permission on the group, a button to update the activist's card yourself, edit the donation amount or next charge date, or cancel the recurring donation via the update your card page.
  • Tags: The name and date of each tag attached to the activist.
  • Custom Fields: The name and value of each custom field attached to the activist.
  • Source Codes: The name and date of each source code attached to the activist.
  • Notes: Any notes left on the activist's record, including the date and who left the note.

You can also subscribe or unsubscribe the activist by clicking the "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" button in the left sidebar.

If you are in a Network, you can also subscribe or unsubscribe the activist from child groups individually by clicking the pencil icon next to each subscription, and you can subscribe or unsubscribe the activist from all groups (the current plus children) with the relevant buttons.

You resubscribe activists who are bouncing or spam complainted here, you must contact us before they can receive email again. See here for more explanation.

Note: Only subscribe activists to your list who have opted in to receiving your emails. Adding activists who have not opted in and sending spam messages will result in the cancellation of your Action Network account.

Editing an Activist

You can edit an activist's email address by clicking on the "Edit Email" button from the edit page. Change the activist's email in the text box and click "Save Changes" to update an activist's email address.

If the new email address is one we have not encountered before (and thus we have no pre-existing information on), your change will be made. If your group is part of a Network, the change will be made throughout the entire network.

However, if the email address is one we have some information on we will ask you to merge the two activists instead, letting you choose which information you want to keep. See here for more on merging.

Note: Changing an activist's ZIP/postal code here (or anywhere else) will cause the activist's address and city to be blanked out. Since they've moved, that information is no longer valid.

Note: If the custom field you are using has validation and the data an activist enters does not match the validation expression a red error will appear and the form will not be allowed to submit until the error is fixed.

If the user you're trying to edit has a full Action Network account because they're an organizer like you or they've saved their credit card information, you will not be able to modify their personal data like name, address, or email -- only they are able to modify it by logging into their account. On the edit page those fields will be un-editable. However, you can still add tag, custom field, and source code information and save those changes.

If this group is part of a Network, if you have the "Overwrite Network Custom Field Data" permission for this group, you will see a checkbox labeled "Overwrite activist's existing data", checked by default. If you leave it checked, when you save your edits, any custom field changes you make will migrate upwards in your network to parent groups, just like custom field changes made by submitting actions do. If you uncheck the box, these changes will stay on your group only and not migrate upwards. If you do not see this checkbox because you do not have the "Overwrite Network Custom Field Data" permission for this group, your edit will behave as if the box was unchecked, so your custom field changes will stay in your group and not migrate upwards.

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