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What extra features are available for partners who make a donation? What does partnership look like?

Partners who make a donation (typically a recurring, monthly one) for access to our extra features are:

  • the ability to upload lists to subscribe activists to their emails
  • access to ladders, our sophisticated automated email tool
  • custom page and email wrappers, so you can fully control the branding on your pages and emails
  • fundraising and ticketed event pages without a tip jar for Action Network
  • event campaigns to host events around the country and put them on a shared map
  • access to the full address of your activists
  • our full-featured API to allow you programmatic access to your data
  • salesforce sync to automatically sync your data with your Salesforce account
  • integration with Accurate Append to validate email addresses, append data, and more
  • integration with ActBlue to raise money online and sync fundraising data
  • integration with ActionSprout to move data from social media campaigns to your email list
  • integration with to monitor and engage with your activists on social media
  • integration with CallHub to phonebank or send SMS text messages to your activists
  • integration with Campaign Deputy to manage campaign or nonprofit fundraising
  • integration with Catalist to match your list to the voter file and return DWID
  • integration with DemCampaignSites to build a great looking website
  • integration with Mobile Commons to send SMS text messages to your activists
  • integration with New/Mode to send messages to US, UK, Canada, Australia, or EU elected officials via fax, tweet, or other channels
  • integration with ROI solutions for a full feature CRM and donor management
  • integration with Smart As A Fox Mobile Messaging to send SMS text messages to activists
  • integration with VAN to move event RSVPs to your VAN campaign
  • use of a Zapier zap to push data into Action Network from hundreds of sources.

We also offer a partnership that includes access to our Networks feature, which allows you to create a network of groups with data sharing between them. This is useful for federated organizations with chaptered structures.

And finally, our SQL mirror is available to any partner for an extra monthly fee.

Partnerships can involve month-to-month donations paid via credit card online, or we can set up contracts and billing, whatever works for you.

If you'd like to explore a partnership, click here to contact us and let us know so we can talk about what a partnership looks like with your organization or campaign.

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