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Recurring donation information, management, and settings

Recurring donations are managed by Action Network. At the appropriate time (say, monthly) we will charge an activist's card the appropriate amount.

When activists make a new recurring donation, in their receipt there will be a link to update their card information, edit the amount or next charge date, or cancel the recurring donation (if your group allows cancellation and editing by activists). Thereafter, each month they will be emailed a similar receipt when their card is charged. If their card stops working or we can't charge it for some reason, they will be emailed a notification with a link for them to update their card and re-activate their recurring donation. Group administrators with the donations permission will get similar notifications.

If a recurring donation fails, we will automatically retry it the next day (unless the activist updates their card in the meantime). After that, we will not retry until the next recurring period (say, next month). If it fails again, there will be another 24-hour retry, then another period. After three failing periods (and three 24-hour retries) the recurring donation will be canceled.

If a recurring donation is canceled (either by administrators, by the donor, or because it retried and failed too many times), administrators will receive a notification to let them know.

Recurring donations for individual activists can be managed in their activist record, as explained here.

Settings for your group's recurring donations, such as receipt email content and whether or not activists can cancel their own recurring donations are available in the "Settings" tab of your group's manage page, explained here.

More information about how the update your card page works for donors can be found here


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