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Integrating with Zapier

You can use the Action Network zap on Zapier to subscribe activists to your Action Network email list from hundreds of other sources.

Zapier lets you connect various tools and services together, allowing you to automatically pipe data from one source to another. In this case, you can use Zapier to automatically subscribe someone to your Action Network email list when that person does something in another tool. (For example, if they take action on your social media campaign in ActionSprout.)

To access the Action Network zap on Zapier, click here. 

To use the zap, you'll need an API key for whatever email list (group or individual account) you want to subscribe activists to.

Here's a few zaps to get you started:

When you use the zap, you'll be asked to connect the zap to a form you've already made in Action Network. When the zap is triggered, we will subscribe those activists to your email list and make it look as if they had taken action on that form. You can use a form you've already created, or you can make a new one to receive activists from this zap.

This integration is reserved for Action Network partners, so if you're not a partner already, please contact us.

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