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Group organizers vs administrators

Organizers and administrators have different levels of access to your group. Depending on someone's status within your organization and what data you'd like them to access, you can make them an organizer or administrator.


Organizers in your group can create actions sponsored by the group, but they cannot access the group's data. Organizers can participate in your group's discussion board, view your group's past actions, and see a list of the group's organizers and administrators. 

They cannot pull reports, create and send emails, or search and add activists for your group. 

Organizer status is great for volunteers or interns who you don't want to be able to access the group's data but you still want to be involved in your group's advocacy. They can still use Action to build up their personal email list, send emails and create actions for their personal list.

For example, say you have a volunteer who wants to do a local petition around an issue your organization works on. You may not have capacity to create a full campaign for that, so you make them an organizer. They can create that petition and list themselves the creator, and your group as the sponsor (more on creators and sponsors here). When folks sign the petition, they're added to both your group's list and the organizer's personal list. So the organizer is building up a personal list they can email whenever they want, but they still have no access to your larger group list. 


Administrators have the highest level of access to your group. Administrators can create actions and access to your group's data.

Administrators have individual permissions that control whether they can edit settings, invite or approve new organizers and administrators, launch emails, download reports, search and add activists, edit contributions, and use advanced uploads. More on setting individual group permissions here.

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