Action Network Help & FAQs

Using one-click donation clips

One-click donation clips allow donors who have saved credit card information with the Action Network to click on a donation link in your email and go directly to the donation thank you page in one click. Using this feature often results in dramatically more donations, as the donor does not have to fill out any information to donate.

One-click donate links can be created from the clips menu. After you click the one-click donate clip, modify the HTML that is inserted to enter your fundraising page link. You can customize the amounts using the URL pre-filling method described here.

If a user has not saved their credit card with us, or if they are not logged in, they will be presented with the normal donation page instead when clicking a one-click donation link.

Note: One click donations are not supported on pages using a custom page wrapper. You must use our built-in email wrapper to use one-click donation clips.


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