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Editing group and recurring donation settings

If you have the correct permissions, you can edit your group's settings in the "Settings" tab.

There, you can set a default from line, reply-to email, and signoff. These defaults will be pre-populated in the autoresponders and emails you create for actions and emails for this group. You can always edit these defaults while creating new actions and emails. The signoff default is available as a clip that you can use in autoresponders and emails if you choose.

You can also set whether this group accepts applications from users to become organizers if you have requested this option from us. By default, applications are off. Turning on applications means users can apply to join. Keeping it off means you must invite users directly for them to join your group as an organizer or administrator.

You can choose whether your group will automatically merge activists on the list who request to change their email to another activist in our system. By default, we'll send all administrators with the "Activists" permission a notification so they can perform the merge manually, allowing you to keep the data from each activist you want. If you turn on this setting, these activists will be merged automatically, which means no notifications will be sent.

You can set your group up to notify people when the group (or child groups, if it is in a network) sends an email. Check the box to enable, then enter in one or more email addresses separated by commas to set up notifications, then save. Those people will be notified when emails are sent with the email name, subject line, send size, and links to view the stats, content, and targeting of that email.

And you can set the group's recurring donation settings. 

You can choose whether activists can update donation amounts and next charge dates and cancel their own recurring donations or not. If not, you must enter, in sentence form, instructions for them to be able to cancel, such as "Call us at 1.800.123.4567 to cancel your recurring donation." Activists will see this message instead of a link to cancel their recurring donation in receipts, or a button to do so on the update your card page. 

Note: You must give some reasonably easy way for activists to cancel, such as calling or emailing you. You are responsible for chargebacks (at $15 each) if activists get annoyed enough at you to dispute recurring charges on their credit card.

You can also customize the receipt emails that activists receive when their card is charged each time and the notification emails they receive if their card stops working and their recurring donation begins failing, including changing the wrapper, from line, reply-to, subject line, and content. Make sure to include the "{{DonationReceipt}}" clip in these emails, as it will output activist-specific information such as the custom link to update their card or how much they were charged.

Click the "Save Settings" button to save your changes.

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