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Unpublish and hide - the Action Network delete

Instead of deleting an action on Action Network, you can unpublish and hide actions like petitions, forms, and letter campaigns. Unpublishing breaks the public link, while hiding the action hides it on the back-end.

To unpublish an action, go to the action manage page. Below the title, click the 'Unpublish' button. For more on unpublishing, click here


Note: You cannot unpublish events or hide them from public view. You can cancel an event instead. The public page will say the event was cancelled and won't let folks RSVP. Activists that have already RSVP'd will be notified of the canceled event. There is no need to cancel an event after the event date has passed -- the RSVP closes automatically. For more on cancelling events, click here

To hide an action, click the eye icon on the list of actions.


Hiding an action hides it on the back-end. When you hide an action, it will not show up in your group's list of actions on the group manage page, when targeting emails or reports, or on your dashboard. Hiding an action will hide the action from both your individual account and your entire group. For more on hiding actions, click here.


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