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Previewing, scheduling, and sending your email

On the third create page, you can preview your email and schedule or send it.

First, you can choose an email wrapper for this email from the wrappers available to the list this email is targeted to. Saving and sending a test, saving a draft, scheduling the email, or sending it will save your wrapper choice.

The next section of the preview create page shows the email you've written. We choose a random activist from your universe to display in the preview. Their information will be used to fill in your clips and add parameters like source code to your links.

Below you'll see an overview of your targeting, including what list you're sending to and any includes and excludes you chose.

At the bottom you'll see a count of how many activists your email will target, as well as the random limit you chose. Your count will never be larger than your random limit, but it may be smaller if your limit is larger than your entire universe.

When you first load the preview create page, you may not see a count. Rather, you may see "[calculating...]" where the count should be. After you save your targeting, we calculate the number of activists targeted by your email. Usually that process is very quick. Sometimes for more complex targeting, it can take a few seconds or even a minute. The preview page will automatically refresh when targeting is finished, replacing "[calculating..."] with a number of activists that this email targets, but we'll also send you an email when your targeting has finished calculating, so you'll know when we're ready for you to come back to the preview page.

Note: We will automatically update any emails or reports that include or exclude this email when you calculate new targeting, to ensure chains of includes and excludes stay in sync.

Once calculating is finished, you'll be able to send your email. You can save your email as a draft by clicking "Save Draft" in the toolbar below, or you can continue on and send or schedule it.

After you've done all of your spell checking and previewing and you're ready to send your email, click either the "Schedule Email" or "Send Email" buttons.

If you choose to schedule your email, choose a date and time in the future to send and confirm your scheduling. All times are Eastern. After your email is scheduled you can edit it and change the scheduled time or cancel the schedule by returning to the preview create page.

If you choose to send immediately, confirm your send to start the sending process.

Note: Emails are checked for unsubscribed users before they are sent, whether they're sent immediately or scheduled, so activists who unsubscribe after you targeted your email but before you send it won't receive the message.

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