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I've joined Action Network as a partner. Now what?

Congratulations on becoming an Action Network partner! Follow these steps to get yourself all set up so you can start using the toolset. If you’re not a partner yet, please click here to learn more.

1. Create an account. You should create an account with your own name and email address, and have your other team members do the same. We do not recommend sharing a login, every person working in the Action Network group should have their own account.

2. Start your group. Go to the Start Organizing menu and click Create Group, and create a group for your organization. Your group will be your organization or campaign’s public face on Action Network – it sponsors actions, it’s where your list lives, and your activists will see that they may receive emails from Your Group Name. Learn more about groups here.

Once you've created your group, use the Invitations tab on the group management page to add other organizers and administrators, and set their permissions.

Email your Action Network contact or with the link to your group so we can upgrade it with partner features. (If you make new groups in the future and you're not using Networks, send us those links too once they're made, we'll be happy to upgrade them as well.)

If you’re using our Networks feature, which is not included in the standard partnership, to create sub-groups, the first group you create should be the top-most parent group in your network. Once you’ve created that, please email with the link to your group, and what you’d like your network to be called, so we can create the network for you. (The network name will show up only to administrators in the format "Part of the [network name] network".) You’ll then be able to create your sub-groups and build out your network on your own.

3. Migrate your email list. If you’re bringing over an existing email list, you’ll use our Upload Activists feature to upload spreadsheets of your data. Email address is a required field for all entries, but you can also bring over information like name, address, ZIP code, custom fields, tags (each uploaded file can be assigned one or more tags, and each person in the file will receive those tags on their record), and potentially action and donor history (in the form of custom fields and/or tags, not native transactions). More information on uploading your list is available here.

If you’re switching to Action Network from Salsa, we may be able to help you migrate your data directly from their system to ours, which preserves all of the action and donation history. To learn more, please email your Action Network contact or

4. Set up your email wrapper. When sending an email, you’ll want it to have your own branding and logo. Set up your email wrapper, either by writing some code or by using our auto-generate wrapper feature, by going to Start Organizing and clicking on Email Wrappers. More information on setting up your email wrappers is available here.

5. Create your page wrapper. Every action you create on Action Network will generate a new page on our site, as well as an embed code so that you can host the action on your own site. If you’d like to point your activists to the Action Network page for your petition, form, event, fundraiser, ticketed event, or letter campaign, you can create a page wrapper, to add your own logo and make the site look a little more like your own. Learn more about using and creating page wrappers here.

6. Create your first action. Now you’re all set to create actions and send out emails using the Action Network! If you have existing forms on your website, like a sign up form, or ongoing actions, you may want to start by replacing those with actions you’ve made on Action Network.

7. Authenticate your sending domain. Now it's time to send email! Before you do we recommend (but don't require) that you authenticate the domain you send from by adding DNS records to your domain. You can read more about setting up domain authentication and whitelabeling here

If you have any questions, or need help getting set up, check out the help documentation and tutorial videos here, or email

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